To impact lives and inspire people to live purposefully.

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Matome Motloutsi is a South African motivational speaker, author of “Success Designed by Failure” and a CEO of Uniworx Technologies (Pty). Throughout his career, he has held various senior positions in the corporate world and has also provided mentorship to his peers in the marketplace.

He was born in Ga’ Matshwi in Bolobedu which is a small village in the Limpopo Province. He is a proponent of the “Black Child it’s Possible” movement and he values excellence and quality. Highly recommended by some of the biggest organisations in South Africa, Matome’s best attribute is his ability to speak life into people’s lives and help them transform into greater versions of themselves.

Given his background, he always emphasises that where you come from does not determine where you are going. His purpose is to inspire people to live life with purpose and become more self-aware and self-confident. His mission is to infuse a sense of direction and guide people as they face life challenges of life.

His passion is to impact the youth of today through the lessons that life has taught him and help restore the hope and dignity of a black child. He desires to inspire people so that they can pass on the knowledge to others to break the negative generational cycles and selflimiting beliefs. Every child deserves a second chance, a better life and a bright future! Matome stands as a leader of the youth and a mentor for future leaders.

“Black Child It’s Possible”

Target Industries

  • Education institutions
  • Christian Faith-based organisations
  • Youth Centers and Youth seminars
  • Youth development institutions
  • Corporates
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